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AUCU offers a suite of products and services for our business members. Your business is local. So are we. From established companies to start-ups, let our local team help you manage a successful business. Contact for a Business Account application.



  • Become a business member with us. The Prime Share account is required to establish your membership with AUCU. With your membership, enjoy access to all of our other products and services to help your business thrive.
  • What does a Prime Share do? Open one with a minimum $5 opening deposit and watch as your dividends accrue daily and are paid out quarterly. There’s no fee for active accounts and it’s available online.


  • Saving up towards specific goals? A Sub Share Account allows you to save for something specific, or separate your finances into separate Sub Shares on the same account, like adding on to your building or increasing inventory.
  • How does it work? It requires no minimum balance and has no monthly fee! Just like the Prime Share account, dividends accrue daily and are paid quarterly.


  • BUSINESS CHECKING: Running a business can get hectic. Our basic checking option is a simple solution that’s easy to manage. There’s no minimum deposit as well as no monthly account fee. Enjoy online banking and a debit card for on the go.
  • PREMIUM BUSINESS CHECKING: Need a checking account that grows with you? Upgrade to Premium Checking, where dividends accrue daily and post monthly to your account with a minimum balance of $500 or more (min. balance fee of $5). There is no minimum to open and no monthly account fee.


We offer multiple loan options to fit your needs. Contact us today to apply.

  • Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Investment Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Multi-Family Property Loans
  • Business Vehicle Loans
  • Term Loans

Do you own a business but do not have an account specifically for that business? It may be time to consider opening a business account with Auburn University Credit Union (AUCU).

Business accounts allow you to separate your personal and business expenses, prepare for taxes and have a legitimate company financial presence.

AUCU provides an assortment of products and services to suit your business needs. Whether you are starting a business, or it’s already established, our team will help you manage your business finance.

Here is AUCU’s list of the most frequently asked questions and answers concerning business accounts in the areas we serve:

Frequently Asked Questions

Every business should have a dedicated bank account. Not only are there legal reasons to keep your business and personal funds separate, but there are tax ramifications to consider as well.

To choose the correct business account, consider these key factors:

Fees: Many business accounts charge a monthly maintenance fee. Therefore, ensure you understand the requirements of opening an account and what can happen if you don’t fulfill them. AUCU doesn’t charge a monthly fee for business accounts or require a minimum deposit, other than the $5 credit union membership fee to join.

Features and services: Consider the features and services a financial institution offers. Ensure the credit union you choose offers services like bill payment, check-writing, debit card access, mobile banking, and direct deposit. Additional benefits like employee debit credit cards can be essential. With our business checking account, you’ll enjoy business debit cards and online banking.

Limits: Some financial institutions offer free cash deposits and transactions up to a specific point. After the limits are reached, your business will be charged a fee, which can be either monthly or per transaction, or both. As a business owner, ensure that you know these limits and whether they may affect your profits based on the dollar amount and quantity of business transactions.

Branches and ATMs: A credit union with physical branches can be helpful, especially if you prefer one-on-one help managing your finances. Easy access to an ATM and night drop is essential if your business needs to make daily deposits or withdrawals. Auburn University Credit Union has three branches – two in Auburn and one in Montgomery – equipped with both.

Minimum deposit: This is the amount you’ll need to deposit when opening a business account. The amount depends on the credit union, but not all business accounts require that you have a minimum amount.

Visit one of our branches during business hours. You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your business including your Social Security number, valid government-issued ID, legal business documentation, and TIN.
The best business accounts are those with low or no fees, require a minimum opening deposit, and offer mobile or online banking and ATM accessibility. A business account that earns interest and offers integrated business tools is a plus.

Business accounts can help by:

  • Making it easier to apply for a business loan to help your company grow
  • Strengthening the credibility of your business
  • Offering more protection from identity theft for you as well as your business
  • Making it easier to accept credit card payments
  • Separating personal and business finances.
  • Making it easier to file taxes.


Business accounts might not seem important initially, but a dedicated business account can help your brand expand, establish credibility, and make it easier for you to manage your financial records. If you are looking for a business account that is easy to open and will help you grow, try Auburn University Credit Union. Our business accounts have no hidden charges, and we provide financial tools that best suit your business. Visit one of our branches or contact us today to learn more.