Borrow Wisely


We’re local people with local knowledge. We offer various of loan options to help finance your dreams. With low rates and an easy application process, financing has never been easier.

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Current Rates

For our most up-to-date competitive rates.

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Vehicle Loans

Apply for a new or used auto loan today and get on the road in no time.

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Personal Loans

Make a large purchase, consolidate debt, and more with an AUCU personal loan. No collateral is required with excellent interest rates. Contact us today!

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Home Loans

Your home is a huge purchase and one of the biggest assets of your life. Financing your home with us means better rates, local service, and ways to tap into the equity of your home to borrow more funds.

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Student Loans

Apply online for access to private student loans from Auburn University Credit Union.

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Credit Card

Credit unions return profits to their members in the form of lower fees and better rates. Open a AUCU credit card today and reap the benefits.